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About ECO₂ Systems

John and Maho.jpg

John Miles and Maho Ito at AHR Expo 2020 in Orlando.

ECO₂ Systems LLC was founded by John Miles and Maho Ito in January 2020.  Formerly employees of  Sanden Corporation of Japan, John and Maho were tasked with introducing Sanden's CO₂ heat pump water heater products to North America in 2015.  Since then, they have worked to establish and grow the market for these innovative products

In January 2020, John and Maho negotiated the purchase of Sanden's water heater business in North America, re-branding as ECO₂ Systems and opening the door to the introduction of complementary products from other manufacturers.

ECO₂ Systems is committed to providing comfort to our customers through the development and distribution of high quality, high efficiency Heating, Cooling and Hot Water products using low GWP refrigerants, minimizing the environmental impact.

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