Tank Installation

Freeze Protection


Product: Wall Bracket


Description: Heat pump mounting bracket kit

Product: Heat Pump Stand

Part #: ECO-HPSTD-12

Description: 12” high heat pump stand

Product: Heat Pump Riser

Part #: ECO-HPRSR-6

Description: 6” high heat pump riser

Product: Pipe Insulation

Part #: ECO-PINPINS-144

Description: 6” long / ¾” wall thickness each

Product: Heat Tape

Part #: FG2-6L

Description: 6” long, self-regulating pipe freeze protection heat trace tape.

Product: Freeze protection valve kit

Part #: ECO-FPVKT3540

Description: 2 valves per kit (heat pump cold  inlet and hot outlet). Opens at 35F / closes at 40F during power outage.

Product: Tank Sensor Wire

Part #: ECO-TKSRWR-50

Description: Thermistor cable extension wire (18-2 AWG Shielded)

Product: Tank Sensor

Part #: 91101-45190

Descriptions: Tank thermistor for the tank.

Product: Disconnect / Standby Switch


Description: The switch provides a port for a small generator during power outage.

Product: Voltage Monitor

Part #: ECO-DLM-492

Description: Protection for single-phase equipment against low and high voltage conditions, and rapid short cycling due to voltage fault pr power interruption.

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