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EcoSystems is proud to support the Climate Action Museum in Chicago, IL.
The museum showcases initiatives and technologies that are being developed and deployed to combat climate change, and its interactive displays include an array of different types of heat pumps for space heating and cooling, water heating and clothes drying.


This display includes the innovative, Energy Star certified SANCO heat pump water heater system, which was selected by the museum for the following reasons:


  • The SANCO was the first CO heat pump water heater available in the United States.

  • CO has the lowest Global Warming Potential of any refrigerant in use today.

  • The SANCO is the most efficient water heater in its class, with the highest First Hour Rating of any residential storage water heater.

  • The SANCO is able to produce piping hot water even at an ambient outdoor temperature below -26°F.

We are pleased to be a part of this project, and excited to contribute to the museum's objectives.

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SANCO2 Combination Photo and Heat Pump_2022.png
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