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Because of its split system design and the ability to configure a system with multiple tanks of different sizes and multiple heat pumps, the SANCO₂ can be installed in many commercial applications with varying hot water requirements.

Explore existing installations in apartment buildings, restaurants, multi-family homes and multi-use buildings in our Case Studies and our Installation Gallery.

Commercial Applications

Water Droplet.JPG

The SANCO₂ is well suited for any application where hot water is a significant expense, such as:

Multi-family Buildings

-Townhome  -Nursing-Home   -Apartment-/-Condo

Washing & Sanitizing

-Laundry   -Restaurant   -Retail   -Meat-Packing   -Agriculture
-Gym   -School   -National-/-State Park   -Office Building

Shower Rooms & Restrooms

Nursing Home (Shutterstock).jpg
Apartment Low Rise (Shutterstock).jpg
On the Treadmill
Chef's Kitchen
office space
Cattle in Pasture
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