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April 22, 2021


ECO2 finds itself in the fortunate position of having a significant backlog of orders to fulfill as demand for the GS4 product is exceptionally strong. All this amid a pandemic that slowed certification of the product and delayed the launch cycle.


Initial shipments were received by our distribution and contractors are installing units for happy customers daily.

The Factory is continuing to work hard to produce our products alongside the continuing high demand for units in the Japanese Domestic market and the other export markets around the world.

March 2021 Install.JPG
A G4 unit installed in Cathedral City, CA in March 2021

Additional containers of product are currently on the water heading to the US from Japan.


As has been well reported in the media, we along with the entire business world are dealing with the effects of parts and shipping container shortages, spiraling costs and other forces all causing disruption to the supply of the SANCO2!


We are committed to fulfilling all the orders on our books as expeditiously as possible and are very sorry for the delays in fulfilling orders


We continue to experience a high demand for units, so at this time we are quoting a 10 to 12 week lead time for orders taken today, however our hope is to reduce this lead time through our continuing efforts in production and shipping.


Please keep this extended lead time in mind for your customers and plan ahead if possible to ensure product availability.


We thank you for working with us and understanding the current temporary challenges, we hope to be back to a fully stocked warehouse later in the year.

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