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The ECO₂ Systems SANCO₂ Heat Pump Water Heater is a highly energy efficient alternative to traditional electric or gas water heaters. It absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water, saving energy, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Heat Pump and Storage Tank are separated, eliminating the need for ventilation at the tank location. Heat Pump can be installed up to 50ft away from the tank

  • Storage Tank requires a maximum of 2” Clearance to access side connections

  • 43 & 83 Gallon Storage Tanks are stainless steel construction for light weight and long life

  • 119 to 505 gallon glass-lined tanks are available for high water volume applications

  • A Mixing Valve is provided for installation to control delivered water temperature

  • Heat Pump will produce hot water below -25°F Ambient Temperature, and is suitable for almost all climates

  • 15 Amp 208/230V breaker required, unit will use approx. 5 Amps when running

  • Perfect for homes with Solar PV Panels as unit will use less than 2,000 Watts maximum

  • Longest and most comprehensive warranty on the market

  • Multiple Heat Pumps and Tanks can be ganged together to create larger systems for custom residential and commercial applications

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  • Highest First Hour rating of any Residential Electric Water Heater (Resistance and Heat Pumps) provides more hot water for your customer


  • Faster recovery from a hot water draw at 20+ GPH of 140°F water to the top of the tank


  • Highest real world efficiency, 80% savings over Electric Resistance Water Heaters and 40+% over hybrid HPWH


  • Most Environmentally friendly Water Heater on the market, CO2 refrigerant has a low Global Warming Potential


  • Depending on Hot Water use, an ROI in the 2 to 3 year time frame is possible

  • Simple installation, requiring only plumbing connections to connect Storage Tank and Heat Pump

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