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How to Install SANCO2 Water Heaters

John Miles walks through a typical residential installation.

Up to 50 feet between tank (indoors) and heat pump (outdoors)
  • The SANCOsystem is comprised of a Storage Tank and a separate Heat Pump unit.


  • Water, not Refrigerant, is piped between the Storage Tank and the Heat  Pump.  No work on the Refrigerant system is required to install the unit.


  • 2 lengths of ½“ Copper, PEX or other potable approved piping are used to connect the Storage Tank and the Heat Pump. Insulate outdoor piping with closed cell insulation.


  • All connections at the Heat Pump and Storage Tank are NPT.


  • The Heat Pump may be located up to 50ft from the Storage Tank, including 16ft of vertical separation (above or below).

  • The Heat Pump requires 6“ clearance behind and 24” in front.


  • The Storage Tank can be installed with zero clearance but all connections are on the side of the tank, not the top. Tank does not require any ventilation or space for airflow.


  • A Thermostatic Mixing Valve is provided with the system and should be piped to mix Cold with Hot Water from the Storage Tank to deliver Tempered Water to the home or building.


  • A Pressure & Temperature relief valve is provided (43 & 83 Gallon Tanks) for installation.


  • Power is required only at the Heat Pump, 15Amp 208/230V-1Ph.


  • A temperature sensor is connected between the Heat Pump and the Storage Tank. A 16ft cable is provided with the unit, and can be extended using 18-2 stranded & shielded wire and wire nuts or connectors.


  • If installing the unit in a location with a winter temperature below 27°F, then add the FG2-6L Heat tape option to the external piping and consider the FPVKT kit to protect against power outages in freezing temperatures.


  • Start up procedure is to fill the tank and Domestic water piping, bleed out the air at the Heat Pump, and then power on the Heat Pump.


  • The unit will start to produce 140°F Hot Water unless programmed to a different set temperature.

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