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The SANCO product is the North American version of the Eco Cute Water Heater that was first introduced into the Japanese market in the summer of 2001.
Since then, over 7M Eco Cute units have been sold in Japan, with an annual sales volume of approximately 500,000 units. Eco Cute units outsell Electric Resistance Water Heaters by a margin of about 5 to 1.


The SANCO unit's major difference from the Japanese Eco Cute unit is in the storage tank design. The Japanese tank component is rectangular in shape and contains multiple storage tanks, storing water separately for use in the bath, and for other uses around the home.
The Heat Pump component, where the hot water is actually produced, is essentially identical.  They both use naturally occurring CO2 as a refrigerant, with an inverter compressor and a variable speed Pump and Fan Motor.


The SANCO unit is made in Japan at our ISO9001 certified factory using the same assembly line as the Eco Cute units destined for the Japanese market.
The first Eco Cute units for the Japanese market rolled off the production line in 2002 and the predecessor to ECO Systems was the first company to secure ETL certification to sell the units in North America in the summer of 2016.


The SANCO is backed by over 30 years of experience in the Heat Pump Water Heating market and the best warranty protection of any Heat Pump Water Heater in the North American market.

SANCO2 Residential Warranty

  Heat Pump  ------------------------------------------


  Stainless Steel Tanks  -----------------------------

  Glass Lined Tanks  ---------------------------------


  System  -----------------------------------------------

10 Years all Parts.  10 Year unit replacement warranty if any Refrigerant carrying component fails

15 Years, limited lifetime

10 Years

3 Years Labor


SANCO2 Residential Warranty

  Heat Pump
      10 Years all Parts.  10 Year unit replacement
      warranty if any Refrigerant carrying
      component fails


  Stainless Steel Tanks
     15 Years, limited lifetime


  Glass Lined Tanks 

     10 Years



      3 Years Labor

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